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The Icelandic Society for the Nervous System

Nordic challenge to raise awarness on spinal cord injuries

December 2011 ISCI started a nordic challenge to raise awareness on spinal cord injuries by broadcasting the infomercial “the paralyzed puppet”. The campaign lasted three weeks and the infomercial was shown simultanously in TV stations in each nordic country, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Danmark, Finnland and Faroe Island. At the same time people in these countries were urged to sign a petition to the World Health Organization WHO to make every effort to ensure the launch of international cooperation in the search for cure of spinal injuries.

About 5000 people answered ISCI´s call and signed the petition and would we like to use this opportunity to thank everybody for this assistance!

The campaign was financed by the icelandic nation and again, ISCI wants to express its gratitude.

The campaign

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